Christmas Production 2016

Your support of Christian education allowed Trinity Oaks to produce the dramatic Christmas program, The Light Has Come, as well as continuing the full-year offering of classical orchestra.

The production was very successful! Funny, sweet, and with a message to make even the saints in the audience stop and think.

Short Term Programs - Long Term Benefits

Students of all ages love putting on productions for the parents and grandparents in attendance. And while a drama program can serve to fuel a love of acting in a few students, they provide every child involved with invaluable experience in public speaking and sharing matters of faith with other people.

Simply learning the mechanics of playing an instrument like the violin, viola, or cello can be a relatively difficult task, especially for children as young as 4th grade. However, Orchestra students at Trinity Oaks are also taught to read musical scores and the discipline of practicing a skill in order to improve.

Momentum for the Win!

There were more than a few Momentum Partners in attendance at the Christmas program this year. Whether you came to cheer on your favorite star, assisted in the production, or were only with us in spirit, your support was noticed and greatly appreciated!