2017 Race for Education

The annual Race for Education is an excellent way for the students to actively participate in the fundraising for their education.

Leading up to race day, students write to friends and family members, asking for pledges and donations toward their efforts. They train for the race in gym class and talk about it in class.

On race day, cheered on by the crowd, and even joined on the track by parents and other family members, some of these kids give their it their all, reaching 10, 15, 20, 25 laps and more.

The determination on their faces, the perseverance when energies start to fade, kids from other grades that come out to cheer and encourage those in the race… it’s awe-inspiring to say the least.

It’s such a blessing to witness and celebrate with the awesome children and staff at Trinity Oaks and encourage them to run the race with confidence…

Momentum for the Win!

Many Momentum Partners are also on the lists of friends and family members that receive letters from students when race time comes around every year. We are so very thankful for the generosity you show and the encouragement you provide to these kids.